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Affordable Automobile Insurance – How to Find Cheap Automobile Insurance

11 December 2011

Affordable auto insurance used to be very difficult to find. Car insurance still isnít going to be cheap, but you can find the most affordable insurance available to you if you know how. The most important tool to use in you car insurance search is the Internet. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of...

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Breakdown Cover

9 December 2011

Its very common for brand new cars taken off the forecourt to have included some type of complementary breakdown cover 3 years free cover can be gotten as a perk when purchasing a new vehicle. You wouldn’t expect a new vehicle to suffer from a breakdown but any car can suffer from a burst/flat...

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10 Vital Questions To Have Answered When Purchasing A Used Vehicle

7 December 2011

Everyone in the market for a used vehicle has the same basic need to fill, transportation, but each person has their own individual emotional needs and tastes, too. It’s hard to give specific advice to car buyers, as they all seem to “know what they want,” but there are plenty of general rules and...

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Driving in the Rain

5 December 2011

No, it’s not “Singing in the rain” nor is it “Dancing in the rain”; it’s that scary thing called “Driving in the rain”. As you’ve probably already noticed, there are many accidents whenever it rains; whether it be on the street or on the freeway, you’ll most likely see a car facing the wrong...

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Subaru Impreza – What’s Latest for 2012?

3 December 2011
Subaru Impreza WRX

The standard 2012 Subaru Impreza has been totally redesigned. Highlights comprise an extra fuel-efficient engine, efficient styling plus a roomier as well as higher-quality interior. Previous year’s high-performance WRX plus STI variants take over unmoved. The Outback Sport has been discontinued. Thanks to standard all-wheel drive and a strong safety record, the Subaru Impreza...

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The Kia GT Concept Car

1 December 2011

Kia is name that is much admired and respected in the car manufacturing industry, and its newest concept car is being greeted with enormous anticipation. As one of the most watched for cars, the Kia GT Concept raised great interest at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This model brings Kia to new levels of engineering;...

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