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Video: New 2012 Honda Civic Test Drive

11 January 2012

This video shows you the various features available on the new 2012 Honda Civic as well as a full detailed review of the Civic when driving (such as quietness, visibility, acceleration, general behaviour). A full comparison is also done with the previous model 2011 Honda Civic.  

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Top 5 Signs of a Bad Fuel Injector

10 January 2012

Fuel injectors when fail can lead to a bunch of problems that can affect the engine performance. Nobody would love to come across such a snag, especially for those who have experienced the hefty repair charges from their local mechanics. There’s no substitute for replacement if the fuel injector is really bad. However, you...

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Threatening Substances Found in Automobiles

4 January 2012

Most people choose carbon monoxide from exhaust fumes when asked to name a deadly chemical from their automobile. There are many more substances that are just as toxic found inside the vehicle. These are a few of those hidden dangers. Older cars have some parts that contain asbestos. The production of automobile parts used...

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