Motor Mag Awards 2011/12 Part 1

4 August 2012

  Motor Mag Awards 2011- 2012  Part 1     SUV/4×4 of the Year 2011/12 This award is for Off Road Cars and SUV’s. This is for cars such as the Dacia Duster or Cadillac Escalade. But there can only be one winner and that is . . . The Range Rover Evoque 5-Door Described...

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How Luxury SUVs are the New Luxury Car

9 October 2011

Undoubtedly, luxury and comfort is always the paramount consideration of many people in choosing a car. It has always been ideal that a car is capable of moving people without any hassle. However, for socially elite car seekers are more concerned of drawing social honour and social prominence. Driving a luxury car would define...

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BMW X5 SAV Gets Even Better In 2011!

9 October 2011

Forget everything that you’ve thought Sport Utility Vehicles were supposed to be. Free yourself from preconceived ideas that you’ve formed based on your dad’s old SUV. Sure, the typical SUV is boxy, utilitarian, and uncomfortable; but the BMW X5 is not a typical SUV. In fact, it’s not an SUV at all. The BMW...

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4×4 Driving Skills & Rules

8 October 2011

When talking about 4×4 driving, it’s way different thing than that of 2wd. 4WD vehicles are designed to drive through obstacles or off road that 2wd vehicles would not be able to overcome. But this does not mean that you can drive it safely. Driving a 4WD vehicle requires a fair degree of understanding...

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Off Road Driving and Off Road Tires

6 October 2011

Thinking of taking your SUV or Pickup truck through the woods? You won’t get far while not the proper reasonably tires. Off Road tires were specifically designed for one thing and one factor only. That factor is off road driving. Yes they made a tire specifically for driving within the dirt. However dirt is...

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