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Mandatory Mobile Electronics to Survive Your Road Trip

17 November 2011
TomTom Go 500

Before there were cars, before there were highways, before there were Hojos, Americans fell in love with road trips. They don’t mention this in high school history classes, but the real reason why people moved out west to California in the 1800s wasn’t for the gold. It was for the travel. Road trips have...

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The Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2011 Honda Civic

23 October 2011

Honda Civics are well-regarded by customers and experts alike for their engineering quality and customer satisfaction, and the 2011 Honda Civic, in many respects follows upon this tradition. Honda plans on releasing a new Civic in 2012, making the 2011 model seem to be a wasted purchase if it’s the last in the line....

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