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How to Change Your Own Oil

15 December 2011

In today’s economy, it makes little sense to pay oil change grease monkeys up to fifty dollars to change your car’s oil. With these easy steps, you can change your car’s oil in your own garage or driveway. You’ll need a jack (the one that comes with your car or truck works), two jackstands,...

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Affordable Automobile Insurance – How to Find Cheap Automobile Insurance

11 December 2011

Affordable auto insurance used to be very difficult to find. Car insurance still isnít going to be cheap, but you can find the most affordable insurance available to you if you know how. The most important tool to use in you car insurance search is the Internet. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of...

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Breakdown Cover

9 December 2011

Its very common for brand new cars taken off the forecourt to have included some type of complementary breakdown cover 3 years free cover can be gotten as a perk when purchasing a new vehicle. You wouldn’t expect a new vehicle to suffer from a breakdown but any car can suffer from a burst/flat...

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